ReformUPilates Post-COVID-19 Protocol and Guidelines

The pandemic has brought to light countless factors. We have realized that fitness, health, and wellness should be considered an essential service as preventative means to fight all illness. Moreover, at ReformUPilates, the isolating effects of social distancing have shown us the value of our community. You put the U in ReformUPilates. 

Our staff members and fitness professionals have always had the passion and commitment to create a healthy, encouraging, and sustainable environment, but our response to the COVID-19 pandemic is taking that commitment to the next level. Until our healthcare professionals are able to create a viable vaccine, we must be intentional and methodological in minimizing the risk and stopping the spread of the virus and any other illness otherwise threatening to the health and wellness of others; in other words, we will be establishing a “new normal” business model. 


ReformUPilates has established new protocols and guidelines in response to COVID-19. Our new location in the Hoover Preserve permits us to implement the highest practices and standards to prioritize the health and safety of our members, staff, and community. 

All new and returning clients must sign a new Client Waiver before returning to the ReformUPilates studio in the Hoover Preserve. To access and sign the waiver, please click the button below.